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Energetic care

Energetic treatments are precious moments of self-connection, where the "work gets done" gently. I guide you in the subtle world of energy, always with the aim that you can deepen your relationship with yourself.

Arbre rayon de soleil
Deroulement soin

Available as a standalone or in combination with a coaching journey, each one-hour energetic treatment is an introspective journey that takes place both in the physical body and in the unconscious. A mystical service where connection, benevolence and intuition reign. 

How does a treatment take place?

🖥️ Sessions are done online (yes, yes! Energy knows no distance)

👥 We start by connecting and discussing together what you are looking for with this treatment for about ten minutes

🕯️ I then guide you gently with my voice, music and silences throughout the treatment, which lasts between 30 and 35 minutes

🧘 There is an integration time of about five minutes during which you can remain in silence, speak, write, in short follow your intuition to fully live and assimilate your experience

💞 We take the time to connect together again to close the session

As my primary mission is to accompany you to regain your power over your life, I share personalized questions with you after the session based on our discussions, in order to promote your reflections and awareness.

In a nutshell, energetic care include...

  • One-hour online session

  • Personalized introspective questions after the session

  • The possibility of adding an energy treatment to a coaching journey

  • An investment of $120 + taxes (or $100 + taxes when added to a course)*

*Insurance receipts available for each session

Energetic care FAQ

What are the benefits of an energetic treatment?

It obviously varies from one person to another, but as a general rule, an energetic treatment helps to increase - self-confidence - calm and serenity - mental clarity - self-awareness - mindfulness - joy It is a deep cleansing that combines mind, body, heart and soul.

How should I prepare for the session?

It is essential to be in a quiet place where no one will disturb you. Bring headphones if there are other people living with you. I also recommend keeping your schedule clear for at least 30 minutes after the session, as integration continues and insights may surface.

Clémence, how did you come to work with energy?

Since childhood, I have always felt and sensed the energies around me, like presences. My first energy guide was my mother who also has this sensitivity. That said, I was quickly afraid of this gift, and I asked, with kindness and love, that my guides keep their distance. My rational side wanted to understand this great mystery. Later on in my life, I myself received energetic treatments (Reiki, clairvoyance, shamanism, etc.), which reactivated my somewhat dormant gifts. Even today, I find it difficult to explain these powerful intuitions that come to me like waves. Through my experience, I have learned to navigate these waves, especially with the teachings of Cindy Ducatillon, who introduced me to the wisdom of the Lady of the Lake. Like my coaching journey, I have a holistic approach to energy, which takes into account the mind, body, heart and soul and is rooted in the cycle of nature.

Do you have any other questions about energetic treatment or my other services?

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