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Coaching journey

The mind is like an iceberg: our consciousness, what we know, represents the visible part. Our unconscious represents everything we don't know. Or rather, everything we forgot that we knew. Because everything is already in you.

A coaching journey is like an expedition. I bring my tools (thought-provoking questions, exercises and games of introspection...) to accompany you in the exploration of your inner world. Ready to go?

Coaching is not going to transform your life. But you can.

Coaching is first and foremost a commitment to oneself. A commitment to transforming what isn't working in your life and strengthening what supports you. To overcome your blocks. To tame your fears. To make peace with all the parts of you. Doing so is an act of courage and of self-love.

Logo Parcours Cohérence 3 rencontres
Logo Parcours Essence 5 rencontres
Logo Parcours Puissance 7 rencontres

"I act in Coherence with my values, with who I am to create the life of my dreams."

"I act by listening to the voice of my Essence to respond to my needs."

"I act out of love for myself, because it is within this love that resides all my Power."

Is the Coherence journey for me?

Coherence is ideal if… 

🎯 you already have a clear goal, you want to go straight to the point and create inner alignment and coherence.

🗺️ you want to explore coaching, whether it's for the very first time or a first experience with me. 

🧲 it's the journey you're attracted to. Sometimes you don't have to look any further than that!

Is the Essence journey for me?

Essence is ideal if… 

🎯 you have a goal or issue you want to spend more time on.

🌱 you want to touch your essence, let it take root and develop your relationship and connection with yourself.

🧲 it's the journey you're attracted to. Sometimes you don't have to look any further than that!

Is the Puissance journey for me?

Puissance (power in French) is ideal if… 

🌀 you are going through one or more big changes in your life and you want to be supported as you go through them.

🦋 you want to activate all the power of your being and fully spread your wings.

🧲 it's the journey you're attracted to. Sometimes you don't have to look any further than that!

In concrete terms, a coaching journey is...
  • a commitment to 60-minute meetings:

    • 3 for Coherence

    • 5 for Essence

    • 7 for Puissance

  • an investment* in you based on the chosen journey:

    • 397$ + taxes for Coherence​

    • 677$ + taxes for Essence

    • 947$ + taxes for Puissance

  • the possibility of paying by installment

  • adding an energetic treatment at a reduced rate

  • little extras that I keep as a surprise

*Insurance receipt available for each session

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Not sure which journey to choose or what you want to explore? I suggest we start with a discovery call! By discussing your unique situation, I will be able to guide you to make the choice that is right for you.

Coaching Journeys FAQs

What's your approach?

My approach is as much professional as it is benevolent, creative and intuitive. I got my certification as a professional coach in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) from ICI PNL. I chose this school because it combines science, spirituality, the body and the heart, elements that are inseparable in my opinion. NLP is an approach based on the principle that each of our life experiences is encoded in our brain. Thanks to neuroplasticity (the fact that our neural circuits are malleable, like modeling clay), it is possible to act directly on the brain's programming, notably through language. In my practice, I also refer a lot to the body. Not in a perspective of moving it, but rather in listening to sensations. After all, the body is the vessel through which we experience life! And like any good vessel, certain events can leave traces in it. Many memories are stored in our body and sometimes they need to be seen, acknowledged and heard. It might sound insignificant, but sometimes changing your posture changes your state of mind! I am also very inspired by nature and its cycles.

How does a session usually take place?

The first session is like a visit to the doctor. We take stock of the current situation and I help you to define your goal. Each meeting begins with a moment of exchange and connection. I then accompany you in what is present for you at that moment in relation to your objective and the session ends with another moment of exchange and connection.

Do I have to have a goal to coach?

Not necessarily. You may choose to be coached because you are facing a problematic situation or an issue that you would like to overcome. You may also have a very clear and precise goal in mind or a vague idea of a goal. We clarify all this during our first meeting. Here are some examples of topics we can discuss in coaching: 🪞 Your relationship with yourself (self-esteem, body image, etc.) 🕜 Your relationship with time (I'm running out of time, the future worries me, etc.) 🚀 Your professional aspirations 💘 Your love life 🧒 Your relationship with your children, family, loved ones 🌿 Adopting new habits 🧭 The sense you give to your life 🪬 A spiritual quest This list is far from exhaustive. Do you have any doubts? I invite you to book a discovery call so we can discuss together what you'd like to address.

What can I expect to experience in a session?

You can expect a lot of kindness and openness. Together we create a safe, non-judgmental space where you can be fully yourself (yes, even the parts you like less are welcome). My basic tools as a life coach are active listening and powerful questions. So you can count on me to repeat what you've just said, to ask you more questions about one thing or another, always with love and kindness. I also use breathing, visualization, metaphors and symbolic language to help you move towards your goal in a fun and joyful way!

How can I prepare for our meetings?

It is essential to be in a quiet place, where no one will disturb you. This is your moment, a sacred time to connect with yourself. You may want to bring headphones if there are other people living with you. I always recommend that you take some time after a session to integrate it by following your intuition. Just like after a massage where they recommend to drink water and avoid too much physical activity in order to enjoy all the benefits of the massage.

Outside of sessions, how long does it take?

Homework is for school, not coaching ;) All jokes aside, it depends on your goal and your level of commitment. You don't have to set aside a specific time slot, but you may feel the need to reshape your schedule, integrate new habits or any other action that will allow you to feel fully yourself. Otherwise, I always recommend taking some time after a session to integrate it by following your intuition. Just like after a massage, where they recommend to drink water and avoid too much physical activity in order to enjoy all the benefits of the massage.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

One of the main differences is that coaching takes place in the present moment and is solution-oriented and future-oriented. Here is what ICF Quebec has to say about it in a more comprehensive way: "There are several differences between coaching and therapy. First, the profession of coaching is about supporting personal and professional development by focusing on client-driven changes to achieve specific, concrete results. These results are related to personal or professional success. Coaching focuses on progress and the future. Therapy, on the other hand, is about resolving suffering, dysfunction and conflict in a person or in a relationship between two or more people. It often focuses on resolving past difficulties that interfere with a person's emotional functioning in the present, improving overall psychological functioning, and addressing current life and work situations in a more emotionally healthy way. The results of the therapy are most often aimed at improving the emotional/affective state. While coaching can also naturally lead to positive emotions or feelings, it focuses on enabling the coachee to develop concrete strategies to achieve specific goals in their professional or private life. The coaching relationship focuses on action, responsibility and the pursuit of a goal until it is achieved.

Do you have any other questions about the journeys or my other services?

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