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Clémence l'humaine

My story

Once upon a time, there was a human who had chosen to live by accepting and loving each of her many facets. A human who had long lived her life by compartmentalizing it. Work in one box, social life in another, love life apart, spirituality elsewhere… you get the picture. That was a lot of little boxes to balance in my arms.

Then, at some point, I flinched, and they fell to the ground, with me. Burnout. Breakup. The contents of all my boxes had spilled on the floor and I didn't know what belonged where. My life didn't seem to make sense anymore.


What's interesting when nothing makes sense is that you can make a new one. And that's what I started doing at that time.


This episode was in 2015. To be honest, I still tried to put everything back in little boxes. But that did not work. And if I'm being completely honest, I have to admit that I still try sometimes. The difference is that now I laugh wholeheartedly at the Great Organizer in me when she comes to visit me. We became friends, she and I.


Today, the woman I am would tell the woman I was in 2015 that all this content mixed on the floor creates an incredibly beautiful mosaic. Rich. Diversified. Unique. I would also tell her that everything she has gone through and everything she is about to go through allows her to expand her comfort zone and fully blossom.

Clémence Marien coach de vie

A simple yet powerful question now accompanies me in my choices: What do I want to live?

My answer is always Love.

chemin livres ouverts feuilles gazon

I came across these teachings on my path...

  • Certified professional coach in NLP (1,080 hours of training with ICI PNL)

  • Mental Health First Aid Training from the Mental Health Commission of Canada

  • Ongoing training as an artisan herbalist

  • Ongoing training as a volunteer instructor of the symptothermal method with Seréna Québec

  • Bachelor's degree in translation from the University of Montreal

  • University courses in cognitive science and linguistics

​I'm also a member of RITMA (Interveners and Therapists Group in Alternative and  ComplementaryMedicine) and of SICPNL (International Society of NLP Coaches).

What's next on my teaching path? I aspire to enrich my knowledge in permaculture, astrology, hypnosis and who knows what else...

The wisdom of cycles

Growing up on a dairy farm, I learned from a very young age to live with the seasons. The spring, when we sow seeds with this spirit of renewal. Summer, season of expansion and abundance. Fall, harvest time and preparation for winter. And finally winter, a calm and introspective season.

The lifestyle encouraged by many parts of our society, focused on constant growth, has, in my opinion, disconnected us from our cyclical nature. How can we find the energy to sow new seeds if we don't take the time to rest? What will we harvest if we don't water our garden during the summer? Everything is interconnected.

I myself disconnected from this cyclical wisdom, and, at my own pace, I reconnected to it. Today, nature is a valuable teacher. Whether it is the cycle of days, the cycle of seasons, the lunar cycle, the menstrual cycle, the cycle of planets, the cycle of emotions, there is an immediate relief when I tune into this wisdom.

What I'm creating today was born from such relief. A life at my own pace, which respects my nature, that of others and nature. From this peace within was born clémence, the company.

clémence l'entreprise
femmes randonnée montagnes

clémence, the company

clémence is more than coaching.

It's a dream bigger than Clémence, the human. A dream of a world where each human being has their rightful place and can be seen, heard and recognized for who they are.

This world I dream of begins with one step.

That of reconnecting to our own nature.

Are you coming to walk with me?

"The great vision I have with clémence is to contribute to creating a world filled with love and compassion for ourselves, for others and for nature."

logo fleur clémence coach

The main values of clémence

Do you also want to fully bloom and contribute to creating a world filled with love and compassion?

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