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fleur de lotus et nénuphars

Find your key to bloom with Clémence

Spoiler alert:  you are that key!
As a life coach, I accompany you so that you can open and close all the doors you want in order to bloom like a flower in the sun.

Clémence Marien coach de vie

Hi, I'm Clémence!

I'm a sucker for human beings and nature. I can support you through a deep dive into your own nature with my empathetic and non-judgmental listening. I guide you to find your own answers with powerful questions and introspection exercises. Because I sincerely believe that you have everything in you to realize your full potential.

In coaching, the key is always you

Whether you want to improve or transform your self-esteem, your relationship with your family or your partner, your fulfillment at work or your perception of time passing​, you choose which door you want to open during our sessions. Not sure which one to choose? Book your discovery call so we can discuss it! 

Clémence logo clé florale
Clémence logo clé florale
Clémence logo fleur de lotus
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Why choose coaching?

Choosing to be coached is like hiring a hiking guide. Is it mandatory? Not at all. By truly committing to your process, I'm sure you have everything in you to reach all the peaks you want on your own, whether it's Mount Royal or Mount Everest!

The benefit of working with a life coach is that they'll be able to show you different points of view, offer you tools that will make your life easier, encourage you in the most difficult times and so much more! How about we go on a walk together?

Is coaching for me?

Do you sometimes feel like you're "too much"... and, at the same time, "not enough"?

Yet, your life is beautiful, you should be happy and fulfilled. But there are doubts. Fears. Not all the time, but when they visit you, it's not all fun and games in your head, nor in your heart.

What if it was possible to transcend these fears? To be free from the stories you tell yourself about yourself, others, the past, the future... And to do it with lightness and joy, by taking action in the present to build the future you dream of. The one that makes your eyes sparkle when you talk about it.  


After reading these few lines, tell me:


Is coaching for you?

“I had the chance to benefit from A1 coaching with Clémence, and I can say without hesitation that it has been a transformative experience for me. Her kindness and gentleness created a safe and comfortable environment for me, which allowed me to become aware of certain obstacles that prevented me from achieving my goals. Clémence's sessions were eye-opening and had a positive impact on my personal well-being. I highly recommend Clémence if you are looking for a NLP coach who accompanies you with kindness and perseverance in your personal development. »


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